July 21-23



1. How do I ensure the hotel reservations I make count towards Hardwood’s stay-to-play policy?

      • All hotel reservations for any of Hardwood Event’s five 2023 tournaments should be booked through Lucid Travel’s online portal. To find the hotel search and reservation portal, click HERE.

2. Where do I find a hotel that best fits my group’s needs?

      • On Lucid Travel’s hotel portal, you will be able to search for the best hotel for your group using a variety of filters. On the left side of the approved hotel list, sort by price, hotel stars, and various amenities offered.

3. My group wants to request a room block. How do I submit a request?

      • To request a room block, exclusively for your team, click HERE. Fill out the required information on the form, select which event you are requesting a room block for, and our Lucid Travel team will start working on securing your rooms!

4. Do I need to call the hotel in order to book my rooms?

      • No! You should book all of your rooms directly through the Lucid Travel website. once you find the hotel of your choosing, click to book your rooms and proceed accordingly.

5. When proceeding to make hotel reservations, my team is not shown on the drop down list. What should I do?

      • If your team is not shown on the drop down list when attempting to book your hotel rooms, please select “Other” and type your name in the text box.

6. I am unable to find the rooms I need for my team, what should I do?

      • If you are unable to find rooms for your team, please contact out Hotel Coordinator, Sam Matsil, at [email protected].

7. I booked my rooms through a different travel website or directly through the hotel, what should I do?

      • Booking rooms through a different travel website or directly through the hotel is a violation of Hardwood Event’s stay-to-play policy. You will need to cancel your existing reservations and re-book your rooms through Lucid Travel’s hotel website.

8. How can I request a stay-to-play exemption for my team or family?

      • Stay-to-play exemptions are only accepted for select cases. If you would like to request a stay-to-play exemption for a team or family, please contact Sam at [email protected].

9. What happens to my team if we are in violation of the stay-to-play policy?

      • Hardwood Events requires all registered teams to follow the stay-to-play policy. You will need to receive approval from the Hardwood Event’s staff to compete in the event if you are not abiding by the stay-to-play policy.